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Why must I post an application and do an interview?

Discussion in 'Recruitment: Apply to Join Malum Factum' started by Pimsley, Feb 18, 2014.

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  1. Pimsley

    Pimsley Well-Known Member COUNCIL

    Apr 29, 2011
    In today's world of lazy gamers, a lot has changed. The casual gamer mentality of "all about me" and "I want it all now, and I want it to be easy" has polluted the mindset of the online gaming community into thinking that everything should be handed to them and be done so effortlessly. Sadly, this has bred a new generation of gamers that are not what a lot of us would call team players.

    Here at MF, we aim to recruit the polar opposite type of gamer. We come from an old school style of gaming (Think EQ1, Lineage 2, etc) and believe heavily in team play, being respectful and helpful, and making life long friendships that matter.

    So why the application?

    Simple, really. We have taken the time to fill out or own application to see just how long it takes when putting forth legit effort to answer the questions. Our average time is about 10 to 15 minutes when you do it correctly. So let's think about this a second. 10 to 15 minutes to give us a solid first impression of you. First impressions are everything and we hope that you value them as much as we do, because we certainly hope to be the very last community you ever join as far as gaming is concerned.

    Zerg guilds and communities last about 5 minutes and we do not consider those types of organizations to be anything more than a fly by night. You should take pride in the place you call home for gaming, and we take pride in pre-screening every single person that chooses to join us to ensure we are the best fit for one another. This should matter to you if you want the absolute best gaming experience possible without all the extra BS caused by not screening applicants to ensure they fit our mold.

    Why the interview?

    Another simple answer. Once we pre-screen your application to ensure you fit the mold from an on-paper standpoint, we want to take an opportunity to chat with you for about 10 minutes to seal the deal. This gives you the opportunity to ask us questions first hand and get a real feel for the type of people we are. Remember, we are into building lasting friendships around here and you can typically get that vibe the first time you speak with someone. This is an excellent opportunity to pick our brains and let us pick yours to make sure everyone feels comfortable and likes what they are hearing moving forward.

    That's really it. If you aren't into applications and interviews, then you probably aren't looking for a real gaming community. 20 minutes of your time should be an easy decision when trying to find the ideal home for your gaming needs. We take pride in knowing that our members are all team players that want to be here for many reasons other than "what have you done for me lately". Take pride in choosing your gaming home and we will be proud to have you.
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